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Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s Oldest Park and world heritage site. Serengeti’s scenery is renowned for its grassland plains in the southeast, hills and outcrops in the northern areas and rivers and forests on the western side of the park. This park is home to the spectacular Wildebeest Migration where millions of them migrate through the Mara River to the Mara Ecosystem in search of water and pasture. Serengeti Ecosystem offers top-notch wildlife game viewing throughout the year. All the major safari animals occur in great numbers. Cheetah and four of the Big 5 are easily seen, but rhino sightings are rare, and only black rhino is present. Aside from the big cats, many other predators can be spotted including spotted hyena, jackal and bat-eared fox. Today, most tourists visiting Serengeti National Park come with one aim alone: to witness millions of wildebeest, zebras, gazelles and elands on a mass trek to quench their thirst for water and eat fresh grass.